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What does the total program include?
The total program includes 30 hours of classroom, 12 hours of driving, 6 hours of observation, & 2 hour parent class. 

How much does the program cost?

The total program is $675 if you pay in full on the day you start, you will receive a $50 DISCOUNT.  Bringing the total cost to $625.00 *This rate does not include the $15 RMV Driver Education Certificate fee*
How old do I have to be to start driver's ed?
You need to be 15 and 9 months to start the classroom portion. In order to complete the driving part you need to be 16 and have a permit.

How do I obtain a permit?
To obtain a permit we first recommend taking the classroom portion of driver's education because everything on the test will be covered in class. If you choose not to or you have already completed the class, you next need to go down to the RMV with your birth certificate(with raised seal) and social security card and take the permit test. Once you pass, the RMV and will print out your permit there and you can then call the auto school and start driving. We recommend you start driving at home first so you can become comfortable in a vehicle, although this is not mandatory. We prefer this so you are able to practice more advanced maneuvers on your lessons, such as parallel parking, rather then the fundamentals.

How do I obtain a license?
In order to obtain a license you must have an auto school certification and the 40 hours of at home driving. Next, you must have your permit for at least 6 months with a clean driving record. If you have both these things, you can do one for three things...
1. Schedule a road test with the RMV and use a personal vehicle to test with
2. Schedule a road test with the RMV and use an auto school car an employee as a sponsor
3. Schedule a road with the auto school  and use an auto school car and auto school employee as a sponsor.
We recommend you choose the road test option your child is most comfortable with.

Why can I not logon to Schedule2Drive?
You do not need a school code!!
To schedule your road lessons call the auto school, with permit in hand, and have knowledge of your schedule.  Call a MAXIMUM of 5 days after receiving your permit.  Lessons are spread over a 5 month time frame (you do have to have your permit in good standings for 6 consecutive months before you are eligible to take a license test) The longer you wait to call and schedule your time, the tougher it will be. 

With Schedule2Drive you can view all your lessons, get alerts when spots become available, get text message reminders and cancel appointments.

If you have already set up a profile then we must have miss typed your information. So, please call the auto school and leave your permit number "the S number" and your child's date of birth.

What can I expect at the Parent class?
If you have taken a parent class in the past 5 years or your student is over 18, then you do not need to take the parent class. Please call the auto school and send them a copy of the parent class certificate.
In the parent class you can expect to learn about JOL laws, insurance steps, permit process, license test procedure, and our new online booking. We also go over how to do teach a student how to parallel park, three point turn, and backing up in a straight line so the parent can help the student practice at home. you can schedule this class online, email, or by calling the office.

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, check, or money orders. We do not accept credit cards.

Who do I make payments out to?
You can make payments to Billerica Auto School or BAS

Where can I mail payments?
Billerica Auto School
2 Park Drive
Suite 3
Westford, MA 01886

What if I missed a lesson?
If you miss a lesson or cancel under 24 hours then you will be charged a $30 fee.

I keep calling but no one answers, why?
Our office takes phone calls from 3 separate auto schools and is receiving hundreds of phone calls per day. If you leave your name, phone number and a time you will be available to answer the phone number provided you will receive a phone call back ASAP. If you would rather, you can stop in from 9-5 Monday to Friday at our Westford location (2 Park Drive Suite 3) to be taken care of in person.

How many lessons do I need?
You need a total of 9 lessons. The first lesson is a two hour observation and the 8 lessons after  that is an hour and half of driving followed by a half hour of observation. 

I am an adult and I would like to schedule a road test.

We first will have you take an evaluation where you will go out with an instructor and be evaluated. one of three things will happen, you will either..
1. Be all set and ready to schedule a road test
2. Need a few more lessons and then schedule a road test
3. Not be ready at all and need quite a few lessons before you schedule a test.
We will not sign you up for a test with out an evaluation. We pride ourselves on the success of our students and wont have you pay for a test to just fail. We let you test when we are sure that you are a safe, defensive, knowledgeable driver.

What should I expect on my road test?
The RMV is in charge of all aspects of the road exams. They can do what ever they want for a road test so there for we can not tell you exactly what to expect but we can give you some suggestions on what they typically do. a road lesson is the same as a road test just with no examiner so everything you do on a road lesson is fair game. Make sure you practice, parallel parking, backing up in a straight line for 50 feet, driving on a high way, three point turn, hand signals, signaling, hill starts, intersections with/without lights, lane changes, and most of all confidence. The RMV is just looking for a safe driver and if you are too nervous or lack in the confidence to drive safely then they wont pass you. After completion of the full program and the 40 hours of driving at home you are more than ready to ace this test! Good luck and stay calm.

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